LuxuryLife Brand Story

LuxuyLife European-style home accessories company specializes in the design and production of European-style home accessories, European-style home furnishings, and home Feng Shui decorations. Including European style, American style, European neo-classical style home decorations. The products are sold at home and abroad and are loved by consumers.

The company has its own factory in Guangdong, mass production, and provides wholesale services for the majority of household industry enterprises! As the Chinese brand operator of Italian famous brand handmade glass tableware, the company wholesales and sells a large number of Italian top brand glass art tableware and artist's home accessories. Relying on the efficient operation model of network channels, it effectively reduces the cost of intermediate links and achieves corporate competitive advantages.

LuxuyLife European-style home decoration company is a home decoration company specializing in the sales of European and American style home decorations. During the development of the enterprise, we have basically established a national home accessories enterprise alliance through continuous efforts. The product style focuses on European, American, and European neo-classical styles, and has established close relationships with large-scale domestic suppliers in the decoration industry. The partnership is the most complete supplier in the domestic market of similar products.

Brand Positioning: Taste elegant home furnishing, enjoy refined life!
Target customers: urban high-grade, high-income middle-class affluent people who focus on quality of life and pursue family happiness. Villas, high-end apartments, star hotels, high-end clubs and other artistic decorations are the preferred brand!