Esmée Brand Story

Esmée is an English first name, from the past participle of the Old French verb esmer thus signifying "esteemed". Also, it is an alternate spelling of today's aimer, to love", thus the name is meaning "beloved".

When the young designer landed on France, she want to beloved by local people, also she want to bring love to every local people. After she graduated from University, she setup her design company in Milan and want to keep her belief: beloved. She want to let every lady become a lovely lady, everly lovely lady must have a beloved bag.

From the first day the brand launched, Esmée has considering how to balance the cost and quality, aesthetics and materials, arty and eco-friendly. In order to provide a affordable price to consumer Esmée purchase materials directly from supplier and place order to ODM. Nowadays, Esmée's products produced in three different ODM which one in Bangladesh, one in Taiwan and another in China.

Esmée is also a lifestyle brand that customers have a high level of happiness. Customers loyal to Esmée not merely because the cost performance, but also because the lifestyle elegant of the brand, that is why Esmée makes many people desire to own anything from Esmée. The brand story matches customers' lifestyle they wish to belong, and owning Esmée products is regarded as a proof that customers feel to be part of the exclusive society.