C&N Brand Story

C&N started with an idea back in 2015 by Calvin Martin, a guy who just got his first girlfriend Nico in that year at his 32 yrs old. Calvin heard a lot of camplaints from Nico about her nightwear, so he deside to start up a nightwear company produce Charming Nightwear-C&N, also the abbreviation of Calvin & Nico.

Comfort is the primary for nightwear, so any products from C&N keep breath, light, soft and good ductility. In order to achieve this mission, cotton and silks are spreadly used on C&N products especially for lady underwear. The detail that is easily overlooked is the sewing thread, C&N used special materials to spinning sewing thread to sew C&N products.

Beside material and manufacturing process, Charming is what C&N want to bring to ladys. They’re Viennese designed, and shipped worldwide to wherever you need a C&N. All designers from C&N are marriaged male who has their distinct design idea which was accumulate by days and days.

Nowadays, C&N has launched 3 product series: nightwear, underwear and swimwear. After you look through all of these three series products, it is esay to find out the musical soul of them, that is what C&N bring to you extra.