About us

After the global COVID-19 pandemic, both manufacturers and consumers were experiencing difficulties. From manufacturers' perspective, the slowdown in trade between countries has led to a rapid increase in finished goods factories' inventory. Even those OEMs and ODMs face the problem of cancelling orders. On the other hand, many cities, states, and countries have adopted lockdown measures to avoid the spread of the virus. As a result, people are unemployed, incomes are reduced or disappeared, and life becomes increasingly difficult.

John, the owner and founder of Global Outlet Store (referred to as GOS) , think it is a good time to help people, benefit people, also a good chance to set up a business. Based on his many years' experience of e-commerce operation, cross-border package transportation, and marketing practice in China, Australia, Japan, and the United States and his insights into cross-border e-commerce, he organized his team members and business partners to start up GOS together. After 3 months of integration, GOS established purchasing department in Yiwu & Guangzhou; established a transport department in Guangzhou and established a customer service department in Melbourne.

GOS's purchasing department staff visited those factories that COVID-19 has impacted, then GOS choose those suitable factories that can provide sustainable high-cost performance products. As a result, some OEM and ODM have already become our suppliers; the market has already approved their products under a different brand.

What GOS can bring to consumers is reliable, high-cost performance products. If any products sold on our website bring unsatisfying to our clients, we will cancel their supplier qualifications from GOS.

To benefit more consumers and give those people who lost a job some help, GOS launched the Affiliate Program at the start of 2021. GOS welcome any people who may be current GOS consumers or potential consumers to join the Affiliate Program.

Moreover, GOS is open for any suppliers, GOS will consider any factories offer. If you are a factory, we are welcome you to contact us via email at info@globaloutlet.store.